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Mississippi Section Report For
June 2021

SM: Malcolm Keown, W5XX. Mississippi Section Web Site at arrlmiss.org. Web Master: W5UE at w5ue@arrl.net.


Field Day 2021 is now history. Although conditions were not so great, enthusiasm and camaraderie were at their peak as Hams were just `glad to get out of the house.`
According to the information gathered 16 clubs were in the field. In years past the average was 22, so we are quickly coming back up to pre Covid participation. Previously invited ARRL Representatives for site visits followed up their visits with comments as did several on-site club members. The resulting information  is provided below.

Alcorn County ARES (W5AWD).  K5WHB reports from Corinth that the Alcorn County ARES Group had Field Day at the Alcorn County Welcome Center. Two stations were setup; McCoy Phillips brought his camper/radio trailer, and Harold set up in a pavilion. The pavilion was a 20-meter station with a 20-meter Delta Loop. McCoy`s site had a 6-40 meter vertical and a 40-meter dipole. Unfortunately, 20 Meters went out during the night. Last year 20 meters was open all night. They had a few traveling visitors and some younger operators. There was a good rotation of operators as members came by to socialize  and give relief.  The equipment was an Icom 7300 and a Flex 6300. To highlight the outing, home cooked Chicken and pizza garnished with great vegetables and deserts were on the menu.

Area 51 Radio Group (WA5RGM).  ASM K5DSG and  PIC K5RFL visited the Area 51 Radio Group in Tupelo. While not yet  an ARRL affiliated club currently, this club is relatively new and has a great atmosphere about it.
Caleb reports that Area 51 members began with a class on basic Field Day etiquette followed by a short break then a class covering some basics of the popular NanoVNA. Both classes had more than a dozen in attendance, and they were interactive.  There were about 8 or so in attendance for their first Field Day, so the first class was well suited to relieve a little anxiety about operating on Field Day by giving them a little heads up.
Following the classes, the group worked on the Field Day setup, and it was hands on deck.  The veteran Field Day folks were there but primarily in a guidance and mentoring sort of capacity as the first timers got their hands dirty putting up several antennas and getting a feel for the radios setup for Field Day operation. The excitement and enthusiasm from the rookies were encouraging as they came to their Eimers asking questions, verifying steps, and getting more in depth about what they were accomplishing aside from just stringing up some wire.

Central Mississippi ARA (WM5A).  W5XX (SM) , KB5YEE (ASM), and KC5IMN (SEC)  visited the CMARA Site at the Rankin County EOC. Over 20 participants were on site. Three rigs were on the air centered around a registration and information booth set up by K0UPW. Local TV Station WAPT visited the site and conducted interviews which resulted in a little publicity on the 10 O`clock news. Visitors were from as far away at California, Washington State, and Canada.

George County ARES (KC5CWW). PIC K5RFL reports that from all accounts, PIO KG5AZL gets things done, and she did just that this year as she placed event notifications in both the George County Times and Greene County Herald newspapers covering Field Day, set up club president and ARRL Emergency Coordinator, KD4VVZ, with an on air interview at the Lucedale local WBRE AM radio station, brought the new Emergency Management Director to Field Day, and invited AE4DW, of Ham Nation and Amateur Radio Newsline to to Field Day. Delisa operated during Field Day alongside Don, helped feed the crowd and took the pictures. Thank you, Delisa, for doing such a fantastic job with your outreach in your community and beyond as a PIO for the ARRL MS Section.
After a successful test session, adding two new hams to the area, the George County Field Day setup began as safety officer, KF5TJO kept an eye on things.  Several antennas were put up to cover bands from 160-6 meters as things came together at a Field Day site whose emphasis was more on fun, learning, and development than points and contacts.  ARES Group EC KD4VVZ notes that `learning from and teaching others is beneficial to all as it will result in a stronger ARES group.`  ARRL representative ASM AG5Z visited the site. Further, please visit the George County Mississippi ARES Facebook page for more info.
Madison County ARES (K5W).   KC5IMN reports from Gluckstadt that W5DIX and he worked QRP at his residence under the vanity call K5W. They made a total of 47 contacts (26 SSB and 21 digital mode) and contacted 19 different sections during Saturday afternoon and early evening. They operated class 3 D since they were working from KC5IMN`s backyard on temporary antennas and commercial main electricity. They were challenged by the many rain showers and the heat, finally activating 7 ham bands, from 80-6 meters.
Magnolia DX Association (K5MDX).   ARRL visitor W4WLF (ASM) reports that MDXA operated from the QTH of W5XMD with operators NA5DX, N5GD, K5IJ, WG5SK, and W5YMS on site.
Mississippi Coast ARA (W5SGL)  W4WLF (ASM) reports that MCARA operated 4A from the woods across the street from N5AHM`s QTH. Among those at the site were W5JGW, KI5FKE KI5HVD, and N5AHM.

MSU ARC/Starkville ARC/Lowndes County ARC (W5YD).  K5RFL reports that after visiting three Field Day Sites he did not have time to be back at his home Field Day site in West Point, but he knew it was in good hands, and he had updates throughout the morning and afternoon, including how enthusiastic the local newspaper reporter was. This gentleman stayed for over an hour, during which he sat down at a round table with three or four radio club members from those represented, including Magnolia ARC, Lowndes County ARC, and the host club for 2021 W5YD- Mississippi State ARC.  His article, in the following link below, reflects how enthusiastic and attentive he was during his visit. https://cdispatch.com/news/2021-06-29/bouncing-signals-off-the -moon-amateur-radio-club-draws-young-and-experienced-ham- operators/

Northeast Mississippi Radio Amateurs (W5NEM).  PIC K5RFL reports from Fulton where the  Northeast MS ARA (NEMRA) set up their Field Day site  NEMRA began operation by making SSB phone contacts before moving to their digital station, operating one radio only.  Caleb received a warm welcome here with every club member speaking to him.  As usual, Caleb was able to put a face with a call sign that he had heard previously on air, so that`s always a plus. The on the air operators were alternating between a couple of Delta loop antennas that they put up.

Olive Branch ARC/Chickasaw ARA (W5M/K5M).  ARRL Reps W5VMS (ACC) and N5JGK (TC) visited these clubs at their joint Field Day at Olive Branch City Park. DeSoto County Emergency Management and the Civil Air Patrol also assisted the clubs with the event.  Several stations and antennas covering HF and VHF bands operated throughout the twenty-four-hour event. Between 25 and 30 Hams visited the site and were active at some point on the air.  City council members, the press, and interested observers also stopped by to see what Amateur Radio is all about.  See https://desotocountynews.com/desoto-county-news/field-day-sh owcases-amateur-radio-use/
Scott notes that considering that COVID-19 restrictions sidelined most clubs for more than a year, members of both clubs came together and hosted a great event showcasing Amateur
Radio in North Mississippi.  K5OLV, the Field Day coordinator for the two clubs, thought this was an outstanding event, even if the bands (and some equipment) did not completely cooperate. Both clubs look forward to Field Day 2022.
Southwest Mississippi ARES Team (W5WQ).    N5ZNT reports that the Team operated from home stations in the Brookhaven area with 8 operators.

Tupelo ARC (Call ???).   PIC K5RFL reports from the Tupelo ARC Field Day site at Veteran`s Park that the club setup under a pavilion by the lake.  Caleb quickly learned that their primary goal for Field Day was testing antennas, of which they had several available including wire and vertical arrays.  Club Members would make some contacts and swap to a different antenna to see if that antenna sitting in the garage still did the trick or how different the height affected contacts between different wire antennas. There were a dozen or so club members there when he arrived, including a couple of newer hams experiencing their first Field Day.
Also reported in the field were the Dixie Amateur Radio Team (KE5WEE), the Jasper County ARS (WJ5P),  the Marion County ARC (KG5HKK), and the Ole Miss ARC (W5UMS).  No information was available on these Field Day operations from these clubs at press time but will be included in a later Section Report, as available.

Field Day site visits were made by several ARRL Mississippi Section officials. Thanks to K5DSG (ASM), KC5IMN (SEC), N5JGK (TC), K5RFL (PIC), W5VMS (ACC), W4WLF (ASM), W5XX (SM), KB5YEE (ASM), and AG5Z (ASM) for making these visits.
Field Messages for the SM were received from W5M/K5M, W5WQ, and W5YD.

Now that a great Field Day is in our rear-view mirror SEC KC5IMN writes the that 2021 Simulated Emergency Test (SET) for the state of Mississippi will be held on Saturday August 28, 2021. The SET will run from 8AM until 8PM and will include all modes of communications.

The main purpose of the SET is to evaluate strengths and weaknesses in Amateur Radio emergency preparedness as well as to demonstrate the strengths of Amateur Radio to our served agencies and the general public.

The theme of this year`s SET is `SNOW-MAGEDDON Mississippi` respectful of the recent cold wave that encompassed the south-central US (including Mississippi).

The Meridian ARC `Spark Gap` reports that WB5AKR has organized  the Family Radio Service (FRS) Zero Road Neighborhood WX Watch Group. Larry and Fred (WB5BNV) ran a test to show the locals a little Ham magic. They sent a message via WinLink out to email and back to one of the groups showing how Ham Radio can provide services when the lines go down. Larry notes that the WX Watch Group is creating interest, not only in Mississippi but also from Tennessee. He is getting calls on what radio frequencies to use and what type of radios meet FCC type acceptance. The WX Watch Group  uses no license and no call sign service for FRS and MURS. However, GMRS does require a license.  For more info contact Larry at wb5akr@comcast.net

ACC W5VMS says good job to clubs keeping up with their annual reports (and those who are not, you need to get it done). One area that needs some observation and attention is the reported membership numbers, particularly total club members and ARRL members.  A spot check of a few clubs has revealed discrepancies of 25% or greater. This is the only visibility both the League and division have into club membership and is reflected on the club pages at ARRL`s site.  Please do a spot check on your membership and adjust if needed. Contact W5VMS if you need assistance with this.

Scott also reports that the following clubs are, or soon will be, meeting in person:

- Central Mississippi Amateur Radio Association
- Chickasaw Amateur Radio Association
- Lowndes County (Columbus) Amateur Radio Club
- Magnolia Amateur Radio Club
- Meridian Amateur Radio Club
- Mississippi State (Starkville) Amateur Radio Club
- Olive Branch Amateur Radio Club
- Tupelo Amateur Radio Club
- Vicksburg Amateur Radio Club

And now News You Can use follows:

-7290 Message Traffic Handling Class, August 4 and 7. Sessions at 9:30 and 12:00
-Shreveport Hamfest, August 14, www.k5sar.com.
-Huntsville, August 20-21, 2021. All systems go. www.hamfest.org
-ARRL Mississippi Section SET, August 28, Prepare !! POC:KC5IMN
-Jackson County Hamfest, November 12-13. POC kj4njt@arrl.net
-Capital City Hamfest, January 28 -29, TradeMart, Jackson. POC: K5GCY
-2022 Mississippi QSO Party, April 2-3, POC: W5XX

Anybody have additional information? Thanks to all who helped pull this information together.  This list will be updated in future Section Reports.

…. and from EC Reports from around the State:

AEC KD5YDU reports from Yalobusha County that during the severe weather at beginning of the mouth they had a lady to message them on the Yalobusha County ARES page on Facebook to let them know that one of the bridges in Coffeeville looked like it was leaning. They passed the message on to CD-1 the emergency Coordinator for the county.

EC KB5SZJ advises from Lauderdale County that they will soon be starting a packet net on the first Tuesday of each month for the advancement of digital message training. Persons wishing to check-in will need to leave a message on the WX5MEI-10 BBS on frequency 145.010 for KB5SZJ subject line Net Check. It will only count if you send it on Tuesday 7am - 7pm. Anyone in the state can check-in and a return message will be sent after 7pm to the BBS to verify your check-in.

Carroll County EC KF5IAY notes that ARES had their first new club meeting on July 10.

From Grenada County EC AD5IT reports that their new repeater is  able to cover a 45-mile diameter circle on 147.000 -600 tone 107.2

Congratulations to the following who upgraded in June: KG5BRM - Nathan - Pontotoc; KI5JTR,  Malcolm - Pontotoc; KB5LJR, David - Cleveland; KE5LWY, Terry - Belmont; KI5OFB, Jim - Pheba; KI5OOH, Lucas - Terry; KI5OSZ, William - Meridian; KI5PAC, Lisa - Tupelo; KI5PAD, Kurt - Saltillo; KI5PLD, Bradley - Tupelo; and KG5VEK, Brian - Blue Springs.
Welcome to the following new Hams in Mississippi in June: KI5QCA, Thomas - Olive Branch; KI5QCH, Joe - Burnsville; KI5QFE, David - Lucedale; KI5QGF, Jonah - Saucier; KI5QGG, Timothy - Ellisville; KI5QIK, Zachery - Madison; KI5QIP, Aaron - Vicksburg; KI5QIQ, John - Union; KI5QJV, Leon - Tupelo; KI5QJZ, Aidan - Etta; KI5QMD, Harrison - Starkville; KI5QME, Roland - Starkville; KI5QMN, Jack - Bay Saint Louis; KI5QNN, Christopher - Foxworth; and KI5QNO, Yoseph - Starkville.
Also welcome the following new ARRL Members in June: KG5AVH, William - Byhalia; KI5FTH, Alex - Louisville; KG5IAX, Ted - Hickory; KE5MFW, Rachel - Byhalia; KI5PLX, Frederick - Coldwater; KI5PVX, Douglas - Braxton; KI5QGF, Jonah - Saucier. And KI5QJY, Leon - Tupelo; 
ARRL Membership is now 992 down 13 from last month. We took a major hit in June. Let`s work toward getting our membership back above 1,000! Thanks to all who support ARRL Membership in Mississippi.
And last, but not least, welcome to K5FIT as EC for Rankin County and WM5A as AEC for Rankin County.
SEC/DEC Reports for June 2021: KC5IMN (SEC), KD4VVZ (Gulf Coast), N5ZNT (SW MS), and KB0ZTX (NW MS).
EC Reports for June: K9EYZ (AEC)(Jackson), AE5FK (Walthall), KF5IAY (Carroll), KA5ICO (Chickasaw), AD5IT (Grenada), KD5NDU (AEC)(Yalobusha), AG5RI (Harrison), KB5SQZ (Hinds), KB5SZJ (Lauderdale), KF5VVU (Scott), KD4VVZ (George), KF5WVJ (DeSoto), N5ZNT (Lincoln and Wilkerson), and KB0ZTX (Marshall).

Club Newsletter/Reports (Editor): the Meridian ARC Spark Gap (W5MAV)

HF Net Reports - sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)
Hattiesburg ARC 10M Net 4/26/0 (KD5XG)
K5TAL 80M Net 5/69/0 (WV5Q)
Magnolia Section Net 30/1113/6 (KA5ICO)
MS Baptist Hams Net 3/8/0 (WF5F)
MSPN 30/2236/23 (W5JGW)

VHF Net Reports - sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)
Capital Area Emergency Net 4/51/0 (K5XU)
Central Mississippi ARES Training Net 4/40/6 (KG5SQZ)
DeSoto County Training and Information Net 4/104/0 (KF5WVJ)        
Delta Area Net ?/179/0 (KF5IAY)
George County ARES Net 5/31/1 (KD4VVZ)
Grenada County ARES 2/16/0 (AD5IT)
Harrison County ARES 1/13/0 (AG5FI ?)
Hattiesburg ARC 2 M Net 4/47/3 (KD5XG)
Hattiesburg ARC 2 M Simplex Net 1/7/0 (KD5XG)
Jackson County ARES 6/113/2 (K9EYZ)
JARC Emergency Net 4/44/0 (K5XU)
Marshall County ARES - meets with DeSoto County Net (KB0ZTX)
Meridian Area EM Net 5/23/0 (KB5SZJ)
Mississippi Coast ARA 5/117/0 (AB5FU)
MSU ARC Net 4/91/1 (N5OMK)
Northeast Mississippi Skywarn Net 4/63/0 (W5BAQ)

Southwest MS ARES Team 5/24/4 (N5ZNT)

Sundancer Solar ARES Net 4/78/0 (KA5ICO)
Vicksburg ARC/MLEN 4/114/0 (KD5DHR)
Walthall County ARES Net 4/66/0 (AE5FK)
Yalobusha County ARES 10/60/0 (KD5NDU)

Digital Net Reports
Central Mississippi ARES Digital Net 4/22/33 (KI5JCL)
Central Mississippi WL2K Net QNI 21 (KI5JCL)
K5TAL Digital Voice Net 4/48/0 (WV5Q)
Mississippi Digital Radio Group - 725 (WB5BNV)

Traffic: WV5Q 63, KG5FRZ 12, and W5XX 3.

PSHR: WV5Q 113 and W5XX 70.

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