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Mississippi Section Report For
 February, 2017

SM:  Malcolm Keown, W5XX.  Section Web Site: www.arrlmiss.org.  Web Master: w5ue@arrl.net.


The fourteenth Mississippi QSO Party is just three weekends away! Stations will be on the hunt for Mississippi Stations from 9 AM to 9 PM on Saturday April 1 to hunt for new counties, certificates, plaques, and maybe their last state for WAS. Complete rules are on the Section Web Site at www.arrlmiss.org.

On your long-range calendar pencil in September 29-30 for the ARRL Day in the Park to be held in conjunction with the celebration of the 45 th Anniversary of MFJ Enterprises beginning business. The two-day event in Starkville will feature factory tours, a flea market, a special event station, and much more. More details to follow.

Chairman N5KWT reports that the Vicksburg ARC provided communications for the 38 th Run through History held at the Vicksburg National Military Park.  Sponsor reports indicate that over 700 runners/walkers negotiated the 10K of heartbreak hills. In addition to Don, those VARC members participating were: W5WAF, N5JGK, WB5YKR, KC5VTN, K5IMT, KG5OVR, KB5WJJ, K5VXV, and W5XX.

Teachers who are interested in ways to integrate science and math with technology and engineering (STEM) may be interested in applying for the ARRL Teachers Institute on Wireless Technology 2017 (see page 88 of the March QST). Application deadline is May 1, 2017. In years past three Mississippi teachers have been selected for the Institute.

From EC Reports WA5TEF notes from Lee County that the Northeast Mississippi Skywarn Net participated in the February 22 Tornado drill.
From Adams County EC N5KDA reports that the new backup generator is now on line for the local repeater. Gary wishes to thank all of the area hams that donated time and money for this much-needed project. From George County EC KD4VVZ reports that the local ARES Repeater is now tied into WiresX and Yaesu Reflector 3/28. And new EC K5VBB reports that major efforts are underway to improve the Lamar County EOC Station.

Welcome to the following new Hams in Mississippi in February: KG5RNM, Mark - Union; KG5ROD, James - Laurel;  KG5ROE, John - Gulfport; KG5ROF, Bruce - Brandon; KG5RRE, Tyrone - Banner; KG5RRF, David - Carrollton; KG5RRG, Jo - Carrollton; KG5RRI, Daniel - Holcomb; KG5RRJ, Timothy - Grenada; KG5RRK, Christopher - Carrollton; KG5RRL, Roy - Greenwood; KG5RRM, Robert - Carrollton; KG5RRO, Joshua - Clarksdale; KG5RRP, Billy - Coldwater; KG5RRQ, Jimmy - Southaven; KG5RRR, Joseph - Olive Branch;  KG5RRS, Willie - Clarksdale; KG5RSA, Raymond - Water Valley; KG5RTE, Dean - Gulfport; KG5RTF, Mark - Biloxi; KG5RTG, Donald - Picayune; KG5RTH, Emily - Picayune; KG5RVD, George - Coldwater; KG5RVE, Casey - Golden; KG5RVF, Bobby - Tishomingo; KG5RVG, Billy - Tishomingo; KG5RXQ, Kyle - Florence; KG5RXR, Joy - Crystal Springs; and KG5RYK, James - Pearl. 

Welcome to the following new ARRL Members in February: N5DMP, Garnett - Pulaski; KE5ELT, James - Biloxi; KG5GCC, Charles - Bay Saint Louis; W5GGS, Eddie - Houston; N5ML, Randy - Golden; KE5NSK, Robert - Perkinston; KG5PXY, Stanley - Pontotoc; AF5QD, Leon - Crystal Springs; KG5QLQ, Robert - Gautier; KG5QXU, Barry - Madison; KG5ROF, Bruce - Brandon; KG5RVD, George - Coldwater; K5SDB, Steven - Petal; WB5TGF, Ronald - Vicksburg; and KD5WVP, Hartley - Meridian.

As of February 28, ARRL Membership in Mississippi was 1,064 down 8 from the last report on January 31. The dues increase goblin will just not go

And last but not least welcome to N5SP as ADEC for Southeast Mississippi and K5VBB as EC for Lamar County.

Congratulations to the following on their upgrades in February: KG5IQB, Thomas - Gulfport; KF5IXW, Louis - Meridian; KG5NBE, Robert - Brandon; KG5OOY, Joshua - Ocean Springs; KG5QLR, Franklin - Moss Point; KG5QLS, Richard - Pearl; KG5QXS, Eldon - Jackson; KG5QXU, Barry - Madison; and KG5RKJ, Ricky - Pelahatchie.

SEC/DEC Reports for February 2017: KC5IMN (SEC), WX5N (NE MS), KB5VE
(SE MS), N5ZNT (SW MS), and KB0ZTX (NW MS). 

EC Annual Reports for 2016: KE5BSB (Itawamba), WB5CON (Alcorn), AE5FK (Walthall), KF5IAY (Carroll/Montgomery), KA5ICO (Chickasaw), KG5IIS (Madison), KC5IIW (Scott), KF5IMA (Lafayette), N5KDA (Adams), AD7KJ (Franklin), KE5MIS (Yalobusha), N5MZ (Forrest), NS5M (Washington), WX5N (Prentiss), K5NRK (Warren), N9OKV (Harrison), AF5PO (Tishomingo), AE5QP (Greene), WA5TEF (Lee), KF5UJD (AEC)(Stone), KE5WUN (Panola), KF5WVJ (DeSoto), N5ZNT (Lincoln/Wilkinson), and KB0ZTX (Marshall).

EC Reports for January 2017: KG5AVT(AEC)(Rankin), KE5BSB (Itawamba), WB5CON (Alcorn), AE5FK (Walthall), KF5IAY(Carroll/Montgomery), KA5ICO (Chickasaw), KG5IIS (Madison), KC5IIW (Scott), N5KDA (Adams), N5LJC (Marion), NS5M (Washington), KF5MWE (Clarke), N5MZ (Forrest), WX5N (Prentiss), N9OKV (Harrison), AF5PO (Tishomingo), AE5QP (Greene), WA5TEF (Lee), K5VBB (Lamar), KD4VVZ (George), KE5WUN (Panola), KF5WVJ
(DeSoto), N5ZNT (Franklin/Lincoln/Wilkinson), and KB0ZTX (Marshall). 

Club Newsletter/Reports (Editor): Meridian ARC Spark Gap (W5MAV).

Regret to report the passing of W0XV of Brookhaven. Jeff was ARRL Honor Roll DXer, a collector and restorer of vintage Ham Radio equipment, and a long-time Elmer to many new Hams. Jeff maintained a museum at his home in Brookhaven which was visited by many Mississippi Hams. Also, regret to report the passing of KF5GGU of Benoit.  Lester was a retired agricultural pilot and regular check in to the MSPN.

HF Net Reports - sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)

Magnolia Section Net 28/984/7 (KA5ICO)
MS Baptist Hams Net 4/18/0 (WF5F)
MSPN 28/2195/8 (K5NRK)
MS NBEMS Network 4/23/3 (W5DIX)

VHF Net Reports - sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)

Alcorn County ARES Net 3/27/0 (WB5CON)
Bluff City ARES 4/75/0 (N5KDA)
Booneville and Prentiss County Weekly Net 4/51/0 (WX5N)
Capital Area Emergency Net 4/42/0 (K5XU)
Clarke County EMCOMM Group 3/3/0 (KF5MWE)
Delta ARA Net 4/40/0 (NS5M)
DeSoto County Emergency Training and Information Net 4/58/0 (KF5WVJ)
George County ARES Net 4/45/0 (KD4VVZ)
Green County EMCOMM Team 1/2/0 (AE5QP)
Hattiesburg ARC Emergency 2M Net 4/56/0 (K5TLL) 
Hattiesburg 2M Simplex Net 1/11/0 (K5TLL)
Hattiesburg ARC 10M Simplex Net 4/36/0 (K5TLL)
Itawamba County ARES Net 4/78/0 (KE5BSB)
Lamar County ARES Net 4/120/4 (K5VBB)
Lowndes County ARC Net 4/44/0 (KF5AZ)
Marion County HRC Net 4/39/0 (N5LJC)
Marshall County ARES - meets with DeSoto County 4/4/0 (KB0ZTX)
MDXA Net 4/33/0 (N5GD)
Meridian Area Emergency Net 3/35/0 (KD5GWM)
Metro Jackson ARES Net 4/46/0 (AE5SK)
Mississippi Coast ARA Net 4/45/0 (N9OKV)
MPP 2M Net 4/44/0 (W5DIX)
MLEN 4/36/0 (K5NRK)
Northeast Mississippi Skywarn Net 4/51/0 (WA5TEF)
Rankin County ARES Net 4/75/0 (KG5AVT)
Scott County ARES Training Net 4/35/0 (KC5IIW)
Scott County ARES Simplex Net 2/12/0 (KC5IIW)
Southeast Mississippi ARES Net 4/69/0 (N5MZ)
Southwest Mississippi ARES Team 4/20/0 (N5ZNT)
Sundancer Solar Radio Club 4/44/0 (KA5ICO)
Tishomingo ARC Net 4/68/0 (AF5PO)
UMARC UHF Net 4/11/0 (K5LMB)
UMARC VHF Net 4/34/0 (K5LMB)
Walthall County ARES 1/2/0 (AE5FK)

PSHR - KA5DON 114 and W5XX 70.

Traffic: AD5O 234, KA5DON 64, KG5FRZ 5, and W5XX 4.

Compilation of Net Statistics provided by KB5RCJ.


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