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Mississippi Section Report For
March 2021

SM: Malcolm Keown, W5XX. Mississippi Section Web Site at arrlmiss.org. Web Master: W5UE at w5ue@arrl.net.

The 18 th Mississippi QSO Party is now history.  Even though propagation was not great, out-of-state reports indicate there was more Mississippi QSO Party activity than ever. As of this writing on April 14 more than 200 logs have been received and 11 out-of-state logs show more than 50 Mississippi QSOs were made.  It looks like another record year!! Even super busy ARRL President K5UR showed up to give W5XX QSOs on three bands.

Thanks to mobiles K4ZGB, WW5X, and K5OMC and portables W4XK/5, N5JGK, KV4T, K4FMH, AD5HM, K5DDT, W5SGL, KD5BS, and WA4OCO for putting a bunch of rare counties on the air.

Further, this was the first year for FT4/FT8.  Incoming logs indicate that this mode kept 20 and 40 hopping.

From ACC W5VMS: Field Day, June 26-27, is fast approaching.  Some clubs are still affected by COVID restrictions. Consequently, we may have several operators throughout the Section in
search of a Field Day opportunity. In order to maximize participation (and allow SM, ASM, ACC, and TC, to schedule visits), please provide your Field Day plans to either W5VMS or W5XX.  In keeping with the objectives of Field Day, we are looking for opportunities for developing skills to meet the challenges of emergency preparedness as well as acquainting the general public with the capabilities of Amateur Radio. We realize unforeseen events (they are talking yet ANOTHER COVID spike) may force a change so tentative plans are fine at this point.

From PIC K5RFL: As we move into April, we have already had a relatively active weather year here in Mississippi.  Tornadoes, ice, plenty of storms, and multiple times that an ARES group has activated. Our clubs are doing the motions and the actions to serve our communities. Some clubs are more experienced than others, but just an active weather net during a severe weather threat can be beneficial to communities in a storm`s path.

Further, our ARES clubs are pretty good about posting activity on social media when they
activate during a weather event, but we need to be more cohesive in our reporting. When you are posting to a social media site regarding amateur radio is Mississippi, regardless of whether its weather related or if you`re talking about an event that your club has coming up, start using hashtags.  Use any one or more of the hashtags below on social media sites for ARRL MS related posts.  This will help us all see more of what`s going on and help promote more views of tagged posts. 

Pick an ARRL hashtag to use with your post and add an ARRL MS hashtag to it.

ARRL hashtags:

1. #amateurradio
2. #hamradio
3. #arrlfd (Tag for ARRL Field Day)

ARRL MS hashtags:

1. #arrlms
2. #arrlmsares
3. #arrlmsfd (ARRL MS Field Day)      
4. #ares

K1REZ and KG5SQZ report that Central Mississippi ARES activated its members and Emergency Net on March 17 th and again on March 25 th in response to an outbreak of Level Five Severity Storms passing through the counties of Central Mississippi. During these activations, which lasted 8 hours and 3 hours respectively, 27 individual ARES members activated their stations and participated in the nets. During the activation, 5 Net Control Operators disseminated NWS Weather Updates and passed Storm Spotter Reports on behalf of the National Weather Service.

The Net Control Stations during these activations were: K1REZ, K5FIT, KF5VVU, N5SPJ, and KG5SQZ. ARES members who activated in support of this event were in addition to Rez: KG5SQZ, KB5NQW, KF5VVU, K5FIT, K5ERB, AD5VS, N5CRS, KI5HGX, KF5ISQ, KE5PYM, W5MPR, W5PPB, KI5JCL, KI5KQ, KE4GLU, KJ4HRG, K0UPW, K5LVL, K5IMT, N5NRE, W5SSJ, KC5IMN, AF5ZF, KB5LNK, K5PBK, and N5SPJ. While no serious damage or communications outages occurred in Central Mississippi, these events were good practice for our team members in preparation for communications emergencies. For details about Central Mississippi ARES visit: www.MSARES.com

K1REZ reports that the Mississippi Radio Direction Finding Association held its monthly Fox Hunt on Saturday, March 13th . Eight vehicles containing fifteen individuals met at Bass Pro Shop in Pearl to observe and participate. After giving out brief instructions, the Fox
(K1REZ) began driving around Rankin County while transmitting taunts to the hounds, followed by recitations of his favorite poetry, scripture verses, and song lyrics. After driving around for about fifteen minutes the Fox hid at the bottom of a large hill beside a baseball field, where
he continued alternating one minute of transmission followed by five minutes of radio silence, until all of the hounds had found him.

The top four finders were all husband and wife teams. KI5HGX and his wife won the first-place medal with the lowest mileage accrued during the hunt. K5FIT and his wife won the second-place medal, with the second lowest mileage. N5SPJ and his wife won the third-place medal with the third lowest mileage. KI5JCL and his wife and daughter were fourth in mileage. Everyone found the Fox within the two-hour time limit and had a fun time while honing their radio direction finding skills. Full details about this hunt and future monthly hunts can be found at www.MSRDF.com

Don`t forget World Amateur Radio Day is April 18!  ARRL has resources available that members can use to celebrate the day, including graphics for social media posts and radio club websites, and a printable flyer. See http://www.arrl.org/world-amateur-radio-day for more details.

ACC W5VMS reports that the following clubs are considered inactive by the ARRL because of  late Annual Club Reports (last report date follows listing):

Alcorn Co. EMA Team 2020-01-11
St Stanislaus HS ARC 2019-05-02
SW Miss ARC  2019-03-22
Marion Co HRC  2018-10-26 
ARC of Amite Co  2018-10-19
Tishomingo ARC 2018-10-19
Tupelo ARC 2017-12-30
Pearl River Co ARA 2017-04-28
Clear Branch ARC 2015-06-15
Jackson ARC  2015-05-28
Lauderdale Repeater Group  2012-03-26

Contact w5vms@arrl.net for help in completing an update report.

In EC Reports from around the State, Marshall County EC KB0ZTX reports a couple of activations for spring storms, lots of warnings, and really good intel from ARES reports. No significant damage from storms. Yalobusha County AEC KD5NDU reports they had one tornado warning in the county with a few trees down. Harrison County EC reports they have been working on repairs to their repeater at the EOC (146.835). Lincoln county EC N5ZNT reports that ARES is still having  Over the Air Meetings ( on VHF & HF !!!). 

2020 was a frustrating year for Mississippi Hams with most events being cancelled or scaled down. As Covid 19 continues into 2021 circumstances promise to be about the same for the first part of this year. Attached for your information below is the current status (updated from last month) of known Ham events in and around Mississippi:

-Gater Trader, April 17, Vancleave,  POC: k5moz@arrl.net
-World Amateur Radio Day, April 18, see www.arrl.org
-Monroe Hamfest.   Cancelled. See you in 2022. POC: w5la@arrl.net
-7290 Message Traffic Handling Class, May 5 and 8. Sessions at 9:30 and 12:00
-Mobile Hamfest, May 22. New date. POC: w4nnf@arrl.net
-Hamvention, Dayton, see www.hamvention.org for online activity.
-Hamcom, Plano, QRT after 41 Years.
-Black Warrior Hamfest, June 19, 2020, Northport, AL, POC:KF4DGS
-ARRL Field Day June 26-27, 2021. See Covid rules on www.arrl.org
-ARRL Mississippi Section SET, August 7, Prepare !! POC:KC5IMN
-Shreveport Hamfest. Cancelled for 2021. See you in 2022!
-Huntsville, August 20-21, 2021. All systems go. www.hamfest.org
-Jackson County Hamfest, November 12-13. POC kj4njt@arrl.net
-Greater New Orleans, November 13. POC: Joen5ozq@hotmail.com

Anybody have additional information? Thanks to all who helped pull this information together.  This list will be updated in future Section Reports.

And congratulations to the following who upgraded in March: KG5AUA, Louis - Grenada; KG5AUB, Jimmy - Pope; KI5BXE, Larry - Brandon; KI5MWB, Michael - Brandon; KI5NYD, Jonathan - Brandon; KI5OAK, James - Vancleave; KI5OCA, Water Valley; KI5OJB, Duncan - Laurel; KI5OYO, Kasey - Nettleton; KI5NSO, Cody - Oxford; KI5OBB, Samuel - Mooreville.   
Welcome to the following new Hams in Mississippi in March: AI5CY, Jonathan -Tupelo; KI5ONK, Michael - Starkville; KI5OOH, Lucas - Terry, KI5ORL, Robert - Mooreville; KI5OSZ, William - Meridian; KI5OTA, Charles - Brandon; KI5OUH, Joseph - Como; KI5OUI, Daniel - Hernando; KI5OUK, Charles - Holly Springs; KI5OVC, Joseph - Bay Saint Louis; KI5OVE, Richard - Mount Olive; KI5OWN, Danny - Water Valley; KI5OWT, Eugene - Long Beach; KI5OWU, Brenda - Gulfport; KI5OWV, Michael - Diamondhead; KI5OWW, John - Lucedale; KI5OWX, Jason - Richton; KI5OWY, Hans - Saucier; KI5OWZ, Kevin - Saucier; KI5OXH, Andre - Brandon; KI5PAT, Wilson - Brandon; KI5PCD, David - Corinth; KI5PCE, Jamie - Walnut; KI5PCF, Cynthia - Corinth; KI5PCG, Daniel - Corinth; KI5PCH, Sara - Water Valley; KI5PCI, Austin - Cleveland; KI5PDH, Jairus - Smithdale; KI5PDI, Smithdale; KI5PDR, William - Olive Branch; KI5PDV, Aiden - Oxford.
Wow! 31 new Hams in Mississippi in March.  Covid-19 is not slowing Ham Radio down in Mississippi. Thanks to all of the VE Teams that made this happen.
Also welcome the following new ARRL Members in March:  KG5AUB, Jimmy - Pope; N5BYB, John - Southaven; KF5KDH, James - Diamondhead; KI5MYB, Dan - Summit; KI5NIY, James - Vicksburg; KI5NOK, Jonathan - Lucedale; KB5NQW, Edwin - Brandon; KI5OAK, James - Vancleave; KI5OCB, Christopher- Olive Branch; KI5OFV, Eric - Vicksburg; KD5OFX, Graham - Ellisville; KI5ONL, Bruce - Columbus; KI5OUK, Doug - Holly Springs; KI5OVC, Joseph - Bay Saint Louis; KI5OWU, Brenda - Gulfport; KI5PZ, Peter - Kiln; KE5RZS, Samuel - Bay Saint Louis; N7TMW, Tyler - Picayune; KD5TY, Larry - Hattiesburg.
ARRL Membership is now 1,010 down 4 from last month. We are holding above 1,000. Let`s keep it there! Thanks to all who support ARRL Membership in Mississippi.
And last, but not least, welcome to N5SPJ and K0UPW as AECs for Rankin County.
SEC/DEC Reports for March 2020: KC5IMN (SEC),  KD4VVZ (Gulf Coast), N5ZNT (SW MS), and KB0ZTX (NW MS).
EC Reports for March: N5CRS (Jasper), K9EYZ (AEC Jackson), AE5FK (Walthall), KF5IAY (Carroll), KA5ICO (Chickasaw), AD7KJ (Franklin), AE5LG (Oktibbeha), AF5NG (Marion), KD5NDU (AEC)(Yalobusha), K1REZ (Scott), AG5RI (Harrison), KB5SQZ (AEC)(Hinds), KG5TTU (Tate), KD4VVZ (George),  KF5WVJ (DeSoto), KB5ZEA (Attala), N5ZNT (Lincoln and Wilkerson), and KB0ZTX (Marshall).

ACC Report from W5VMS. There are several remaining 2020 Club Annual Reports available. If ANYONE is interested in a copy, please contact either W5VMS or W5XX with a valid mailing address, and we will mail one. First come, first served!
Club Newsletter/Reports (Editor): the Meridian ARC Spark Gap (W5MAV)

HF Net Reports - sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)
Hattiesburg ARC 10M Net 5/30/0 (KD5XG)
K5TAL 80M Net 5/94/0 (WV5Q)
Magnolia Section Net 31/1139/0 (KA5ICO)
MS Baptist Hams Net 4/12/0 (WF5F)
MSPN 31/2548/29 (W5JGW)

VHF Net Reports - sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)
Capital Area Emergency Net 4/50/0 (K5XU)
Central Mississippi ARES Training Net 5/66/13 (KG5SQZ)
DeSoto County Training and Information Net 5/128/0 (KF5WVJ)        
Delta ARA Net ?/187/0 (KF5IAY)
George County ARES 5/49/0 (KD4VVZ)
Harrison County ARES 1/6/0 (AG5RI)
Hattiesburg ARC 2 M Net 5/54/0 (KD5XG)
Hattiesburg ARC 2 M Simplex Net 1/5/0  (KD5XG)
JARC Emergency Net 3/38/0 (K5XU) 14 attended the on-the-air club meeting
Jackson County ARES 7/78/10 (K9EYZ)
Jasper County ARES 4/20/0 (N5CRS)
Lowndes County ARC 5/110/0 (KF5AZ)
Marion County ARES 5/32/0 (AF5NG)
Marshall County ARES - meets with DeSoto County Net (KB0ZTX)
Mississippi Coast ARA 5/117/1 (AB5FU)
MSU ARC Net 5/154/0 (N5OMK)
Northeast Mississippi Skywarn Net 6/126/0 (W5BAQ)

Olive Branch ARC 4/44/0 (K5OLV)

Scott County ARES Net 4/15/10 (K1REZ)

Southwest MS ARES Team 5/25/0 (N5ZNT)

Sundancer Solar ARES Net 5/86/0 (KA5ICO)
Tate County ARES 4/122/0 KG5TTU
Walthall County ARES Net 4/68/1 (AE5FK)
Yalobusha County ARES 4/10/0 (KD5NDU)

Digital Net Reports
EMTARG - 643
K5TAL Digital Voice Net 4/57/0 (WV5Q)

Traffic: WV5Q 57, KG5FRZ 12, and W5XX 11.

PSHR: WV5Q 107 and W5XX 77.


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