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Mississippi Section Report For
August, 2022

SM: Malcolm Keown, W5XX. Mississippi Section Web Site at arrlmiss.org. Web Master: W5UE.


Breaking News! Clear your calendar. The 2022 ARRL Day in the Park will be held on October 15 at McKee Park in Starkville starting at 8 AM until. Tailgating in the parking lot. Door prizes. Lunch will be available. Ladies are invited to bring their favorite signature potluck dish.  POC is K5BAK at k5bak@arrl.net. Hosts for the event are the Magnolia, Lowndes County, and MSU Clubs.

The details for the 2022 Mississippi QSO party have been wrapped up.  Over 100 certificates have been mailed out. Thanks again to AG5Z, K2FF, W5UE, N5NA, W5UMS, and AB6Z for the help in making all of this happen. Also, thanks to the following clubs that sponsored a plaque:

  • Chickasaw ARA (two plaques)
  • DX Hogs
  • K4FMH Portable Operations Team
  • Mississippi Coast ARA
  • Olive Branch ARC
  • Pine Belt ARA
  • University of Mississippi ARC
  • Vicksburg ARC

Get ready for MSQP 2023!

General, KD4VVZ, reports that George County (GC) ARES hosted the 2022 Scratching Post event at the City Park in Lucedale.  The famous  Scratching Post is actually located in downtown Lucedale on Main Street which has been a stopover for many years for weary travelers who want to scratch their backs on the 4X4 serrated post, most noteworthy of which was President Ronald Reagan.
General says that a 20M SSB station (K5K) was manned by KO5F, WA5MVG, and KG5AZM while the 40M digital station was set up by KG5UXI and KG5AZM. However, the center of attention was the Gazebo Refreshment Center with radio flyers, GC ARES frisbees, small bottles of GC ARES Bubbles, and all kinds of goodies for eating and drinking plus giveaways for the youth. And as always KG5AZL cooked too many goodies, a diabetic nightmare. (See photo on www.arrlmiss.org; may be a couple of days before it is posted)
General thanks the City of Lucedale (coordinated by KD1VVZ), the Mississippi ARRL Section (W5XX), Amateur Radio Newsline, (AE5DW), and Hamnation for the event publicity.  Planning is already underway for Scratching Post 2023!

Would your club like to receive a 2023 ARRL Handbook this coming January as a door prize for a club meeting? All you have to do is have one of your club officers update your Annual Club Report just like last year. Right? Not quite. Somebody decided to change the name from Annual Club Report to Club Record. To update the Club Record type in ~ARRL Affiliated Clubs~ in the ARRL Website search engine box.  Click on the link and then type in club name, city, or zip code in the right box. Then click on the ~go now~ and it will bring up the current information for your club.

Although everybody can review the current Club Record, only club officers can update and submit the changes by hitting the edit button at the end of the black bar. Why only club officers?  Apparently in the recent past somebody was typing in erroneous information. The ~club officers only~ requirement is a safeguard the keep the Club Record accurate.

All ARRL Mississippi Affiliated clubs that have updated their record by December 1, 2022, will find a 2023 ARRL Handbook in their mailbox. At this point in early September of the 31 clubs in Mississippi only only 4 have updated their Club Record in 2022.  We have some work to do before December 1. Contact ACC w5ums@arrl.net for more info.
Does your club need $$$ for a project? Did you miss the ARRL Club Grant Webinar?  According to the Webinar, of the 500K grant from the Amateur Radio Digital Consortium (ARDC) 270K was awarded during the first round to 24 clubs out of the 128 proposals summitted. The remaining 230K of the ARDC Grant is on the table for Round 2. Applications for Round 2 must be in by November 4.  Need more info?   Type in ~Club Grant Program~ in the search engine box on the ARRL Website or check out the recording of the Webinar on the ARRL YouTube Channel at the following address: https://youtu.be/ZNvc_eeIIwU

South Mississippi Clubs, if you~re looking for a program, Technical Specialist K7QI can provide programs on grounding and bonding as well as RFI problems. Contact Jim at armysfdiver1@gmail.com

Still having password problems with the overhauled ARRL website? Contact Member Services at 1-860-594-0200. They are eager to help and can fix it quick!

From EC Monthly Reports from around the state …

From Jackson County EC K9EYZ reports that the ARES group is developing an active VARA FM P2P network to provide digital coverage over the county to support their voice nets.

From Lauderdale County EC KB5SZJ reports that they are holding a tech class on 9/10 and a general class on 9/17 with a test to follow on 9/24 at the Hilton Garden Inn. Info is posted on the ARRL website.

Attached for your information below is the current status (updated from last month) of known upcoming Ham events in and around Mississippi:

  • EMCOMM Checkin on 3862, 6PM, October 6 (1st Thursday Each Month)
  • ARRL Day in the Park, Oct 15, McKee Park, Starkville, POC: K5BAK
  • Jackson County Hamfest, Nov 11-12, POC: Charles.hardt@mgccc.edu
  • Capital City Hamfest. Jan 28-29, Trade Mart, POC: ak5j@arrl.net
  • 2023 Mississippi QSO Party, April 1-2, 2023, POC: W5XX

Anybody have additional information? Thanks to all who helped pull this information together.  This list will be updated in future Section Reports.
Welcome to the following new Amateurs in Mississippi in August: KI5WOV, Davis - Prentiss; KI5WOW, Scott - Biloxi; KI5WOX, Jason - Columbus; KI5WRD, Thomas - Jackson; KI5WQA, Fred - Olive Branch; KI5WQL, Edward - Southaven; KI5WQT, Donna - Brandon; KI5WSM, Shingo - Hattiesburg; and KI5WSO, Robert - Olive Branch.
What to do with this list? Club Officers and members, if you see a local on this list that you are not familiar with, locate and ask them to visit your next club meeting.  Ask them if they need help getting on the air.
Welcome to KI5SAG as EC for Winston County and KJ5ET and KI5TRX as AECs in Rankin County.
Congratulations to the following on their upgrades: KI5QQG, Timothy - Ellisville; KI5SAG, Angela - Louisville; KI5TOL, Jesse - Brandon; and KI5VGO, Ronald - Columbus.
Welcome to the following new ARRL members in August: KI5AGD, Jonathan - Hickory; K9DSS, Dennis - Walls; K5GET, Carrol - Oxford; K5HH, Jeffrey - Southaven; KI5JYK, David - Byhalia; K5MCW, Anse - Soso; W9NG, Christopher - Brandon; KI5OFV, Eric - Vicksburg; K2SEE, Andrea - Starkville; KI5VVK, Phoenix, Brandon; KI5WFL, Gary - Perkinson; KI5WGE, Patricia - Picayune; and KI5WQT, Donna - Brandon.
The ARRL Membership in Mississippi as of September 1 is 981, up from 13 compared with July. Seeing that the ARRL Data Bases have been in a state of flux for the past few months. I~m not sure how good this number is, but for sure it looks like we are below 1,000.
Regret to report the passing of:

WG5R of Houston. John served in the US Air Force. After completing his service, he graduated from the Devry Technical Institute in Chicago and then was in the TV repair and furniture business in Houston for many years.  John was one of the ~founding members~ of the group that put up the 147.380 repeater near Pontotoc -- one of the first and best in Northeast Mississippi. In addition, he was long time regular checkin to the MSPN and Magnolia Nets.
SEC/DEC Reports for August 2022: KC5IMN (SEC), KD4VVZ (Gulf Coast) and KB0ZTX (NW MS).
EC Reports for August 2022:  K9EYZ (Jackson), AE5FK (Walthall), KF5IAY (Carroll), KA5ICO (Chickasaw), N5MIS (Pontotoc), KG5SQZ (Hinds), KB5SZJ (Lauderdale), KG5TTU (Tate), KD4VVZ (George), KF5WVJ (DeSoto). and KB0ZTX (Marshall).
Club Newsletter/Reports (Editor): the Meridian ARC Spark Gap (W5MAV)

HF Net Reports - sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)
Magnolia Section Net 31/1116/4 (KA5ICO)
MS Baptist Hams Net 3/8/0 (WF5F)
MSPN 31/2211/8 (W5JGW)
PBARC 10M Net 4/25/0 (KD5XG)

VHF Net Reports - sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)
Capital Area EM Net 4/53/0 (K5XU)
Central Mississippi ARES Training Net 5/1270 - joint net count (KG5SQZ)
Delta ARA EM Net ?/166/0 (KF5IAY)
DeSoto County Training and Information 5/74/4 (KF5WVJ)        
George County ARES Net 5/67/1 (KF5TJU)
Jackson Area EM Net 5/68/0 (K5XU)
Jackson County ARES 4/102/2 (K9EYZ)
Lowndes County ARC 5/64/0 (K5TCO)
Marshall County 4/4/0 (KB0ZTX) - Trains with DeSoto ARA Net
Meridian ARC Em Net 3/34/0 (KB5SZJ)
Mississippi Coast ARA 5/138/0 (W5JGW)
Mississippi State ARC 5/114/0 (K4MAG)
Northeast Mississippi Skywarn 5/64/0 (W5BAQ)
PBARC 2M Net 4/44/1 (KD5XG)
PBARC 2M Simplex Net 1/7/0 (KD5XG)
Sundancer Solar ARES Net 5/98/0 (KA5ICO)
Tate County ARES 1/74/0 (KG5TTU)
Vicksburg ARC/MLEN 4/87/0 (KG5YEE)
Walthall County ARES 4/50/0 (AE5FK)

Digital Net Reports - sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)
Central Mississippi ARES Digital Net 4/31/25 (KI5JCL)
Central Mississippi WL2K Net - QNI 15 (KI5JCL)

Traffic: WV5Q 85 and W5XX 2
PSHR: WV5Q 145 and W5XX 76


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