Air Force MARS (AFMARS) 75th Anniversary Event


AFMARS is celebrating its 75th anniversary by reaching out to the Amateur Radio community for a special event. The event will kick-off on November 5 at 0000 Zulu and end on November 11 at 2359 Zulu. Representative stations located in each of the ten geographical AFMARS Communications Wings will be... Continue reading

Southern Miss Pow-Wow Special Event Activity

Mississippi hams are invited to operate in week-long Special Event Station (SES) using callsign W0W (W-ZERO-W) in celebration of the annual Southern Miss Pow-Wow event. From 0000 UTC Nov 13 through 2359 UTC Nov 18 hams will operate using callsign W0W from their home stations.  Coordinators are: Curt, N5CW, Randy,... Continue reading

W1AW/5 VOTA Operation from Mississippi

November 15th – November 21st 2023 and it will be coordinated by Randy Becnel, W5UE. If you are a Mississippi ham and would like to participate as an activator you MUST contact the state coordinator. Mississippi Section Manager, Malcolm Keown, W5XX can be contacted for any general questions. All MS... Continue reading


New Year’s Eve On-Air Party

On-Air 3.862Mhz

Join our Section Manager, Malcolm - W5XX on the air beginning Nov 31 at 11pm CST on 75M (3.862MHz). All ham radio operators are welcome to join-in. The more the merrier.


2024 Mississippi QSO Party


The Mississippi QSO Party (MSQP) is held the first weekend of April each year. The 12 hour event encourages ALL Mississippi hams to get on the air handing out Mississippi QSOs to hams around the world. This is also an excellent event for county hunters since many participants will operate... Continue reading

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