Mississippi Nets

SSB Nets

Net NameFreqDayTimeAreaNet Mgr
Magnolia Section Net3862.5M-F6:00AMississippiKA5ICO
Magnolia Section Net3862.5S-Sn7:00AMississippiKA5ICO
Mississippi Baptist Ham Net7260Sn4:00PMississippiWF5F
Mississippi Section Phone Net3862Dy6:00PMississippiW5JGW


Net NameFreqDayTimeAreaNet Mgr
Alcorn Co. ARES146.925-T7:30PNortheast MississippiW5AWP
Attala Co.ARES146.85-Th8:00PAttala CoKB5ZEA
Bluff City ARC Emergency Communications Net147.36+
M7:00PSW MissK5SVC
Capitol Area Emergency Net146.76-Sn8:30PJackson MetroK5XU
Central Mississippi Amateur Radio Association (CMSARA)147.345+
100 Tone
Th8:00PMHinds, Madison, Rankin, Scott, Copiah, Simpson, and Smith CountiesK0UPW
Central Mississippi ARES Training Net145.390-
77 Tone
M7:00PHinds, Madison, Rankin, Scott, Copiah, Simpson, and Smith CountiesK1REZ
Mississippi Coast Amateur Radio Association146.73-
136.5 Tone
T7:00PGulf CoastW5SGL
Deep South 2 Meter SSB Net144.24UT8:30PMississippiAD5TH
Delta ARA Net                          147.285+M-F7:00PWest DeltaKB5VNI
Delta ARES Net148.285+
107.2 Tone
Sn8:00PWest DeltaN5LRL
DeSoto Co Em Training&Info Net146.91-M8:30PNorthwest MissKB0ZTX
C4FM/Fusion information net. This is for those of you who have Digital capable radios or Open Spot Sharks. This is not an ARES function but an informational open forum net for anyone that wants to learn more about digital communications, has questions or problems with their radios, or would like to help others solve issues. Also available thru WIRES X room# 28327 or go thru reflector #3/module 28 or the new reflector site #4/module 69.147.120+
136.5 Tone
Hattiesburg Area Emergency net146.775-Sn9:00PHattiesburg AreaK5MIG
Horn Lake (DMR/D-STAR-MMDVM 5wDirectional to South)442.0125+
Itawamba County ARES Net145.45-Th8:00PItawamba CountyKB5NMB
Jackson ARC Emergency Net 146.94-T9:00PJackson MetroN5DU
Jackson Co Emergency Net           145.11-
123 Tone
Th7:00PJackson CoK5EYZ
Jasper County ARES147.03-
136.5 Tone
Fri7:00PJasper CoWV5D
LoCo ARC QSO Net146.625-
136.5 Tone
T7:30PLowndes CoK5DDT
Mid South 2M SSB Net144.26U D9:00P CTAL, AR, FL, GA, IA,IL, KY, LA, MO, MS,OH, OK, TN,TX, VAN4LGY
Meridian Area Em Net                                  146.70-
100 Tone
T8:00 PMMeridian AreaAE5FE
Magnolia ARC QSO Net146.73-T8:00PStarkville AreaAD5HM
Magnolia DX Association Info Net147.375+T8:00PSouth Mississippi
Mississippi Coast VHF Society Net144.250UTh8:00PSouth MississippiW6CSA
Mississippi Emergency Digital Net145.01T7:30PSouth MississippiK5ASL
Mississippi Preparedness Project Emergency Net145.450-
77 Tone
MissLou Emergency Net147.270+
100 Tone
Sn8:00PVicksburg AreaKG5YEE
MPP Net 2M/70CM West Central145.450-
77 Tone
EchoLink Node
39145 Mal
Th7:30PSharon, MSW5DIX
NE Miss WX Net147.24+
100 Tone
M8:00PNortheast MissWA5TEF
Neshoba ARC Net147.33+
No Tone
Sn9:00PNeshoba County
Newton County ARES Net147.210+
103.5 Tone
North MS Storm Chasers and Spotter’s WX Net444.9+
100 Tone
Olive Branch Tech and Info Net147.255+600 KHz PL 79.9
444.700+5MHz PL 107.2
Th8:00PDeSoto CoK5OLV
Panola County ARES Net146.610-
107.2 Tone
Sn7:30PPanola CoK5ATA
Pearl River County 2 Meter Net145.210-
136.5 Tone
Th7:30PSouth MississippiW5PMS
Pontotoc ARES Skywarn Net147.380+
No Tone
Prentiss County Net147.15+Tue7:00PPrentiss CountyKI5WI
South Central Skywarn Net                       147.030-
136.5 Tone
Mon7:30PLaurel and Jones CountyWV5V
South Miss Skywarn Net146.775-1st Tu8:30PSouth Mississippi
South Miss Skywarn Net442.2+3rd Tu8:30PSouth Mississippi
Southeast MS ARES Net146.67-
136.5 Tone
W9:00PSE MississippiKB5VE
Southern Mississippi Side Winders On Two Net144.25
Fri8:00PSouth MississippiK5YG
Stone County ARES NET147.375+Mon7:00PSouth MississippiK5CBS
SW Miss ARES146.85-Th7:30PSW MissN5ZNT
Tishomingo County A.R.C. Net146.85-
141.3 Tone
Tue8:00PTishomingo CtyWX5N
UMARC VHF Sunday 2 Meter Net147.33+
107.2 Tone
Sn8:00POxford and Lafayette CtyK5LMB
West Coast Ares Net145.33-MW7:00PHancock CoKD5MYW
Yalobusha County ARES Net     146.700-Tue7:00PYalobusha CoKE5MIS
Yazoo Amateur Radio Club147.225+
77 Tone

HF Digital Nets

Net NameFreqDayTimeAreaNet Mgr
East MS EmComm Team Net3581 USB-D
Daily7:00A MississippiK5DDT
MS Digital ARES/RACES NBEMS Training Net3581 USB
1000hz Center
Olivia 8/500
MS Digital SKYWARN Training Net3581 USB
1000hz Center
Olivia 8/500
MS Statewide ARES Winlink Net (via Winmor)K5LAM-10
3586 Mhz
2nd Tue6:00A – 6:00PMississippiK9EYZ

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