Section Reports

Current Section Report (April 2024)

SM: Malcolm Keown, W5XX. Section Website at Webmaster: W5UE, ASM: K5DSG, KB5HC, KA5ICO, KF8PD, K0UPW, W4WLF, KB5YEE, AG5Z, ACC: W5VMS, PIC: K5RFL, SEC: KC5IMN, ASEC: AA1NA, W5DIX; SGL: AK5J; STM: WV5Q, TC: N5JGK.

MFJ will stop production on May 17.  MFJ has been a worldwide distributor of many Ham Radio products for the past 50 plus years leaving behind a reputation of developing innovative concepts and outstanding customer service which has surely reflected well on Mississippi. Hams could drop into MFJ at any time and receive a warm welcome. All of us have good memories of Martin and Staff hosting five on-site Open Houses as part of our ARRL Day in the Park.

We all wish Martin and his staff a healthy retirement and great job opportunities for those who are not ready to retire yet. 

 73 to MFJ.

The MSQP Desk reports that 243 logs were received by the April 30 submission date. Comments received indicate that conditions were not good for the third year in a row. In spite of going through the Solar Maximum, very few contacts were made on 10 and 15.

On the upside more and more Mississippi operators ventured out of their comfort zones to work the pileups on 20 and 40.  Good training for Field Day.  Many thanks to those who made the extra effort and operated portable or mobile to put some rare counties on the air: W4XK/p, W5NO/p (N5GD, WG5GK, and K5IJ ops), WQ5L/p, W5SGL/p, W5SMN/p, W5DUI/p, AB6Z/p, K5RFL/m, and KI5ZQZ/m,

JARC President reports that Hams from the Jackson ARC and Central Mississippi ARA provided communications for the annual Natchez Trace Century Ride on May 4.  There were almost 900 bike riders in this event.  Hams were placed at all rest stops and turn around points and reported important information. Hams reported a rider who had fallen and several riders who had to stop for health reasons, one of whom was taken back to the finish line by AE5SK.  Ridgeland Parks and Recreation, sponsor of the event, was very complimentary of the Hams and stated that the Hams always look after the safety of the riders.  Hams participating were K5XU, K5KKD, K5FIT, AK5J, K4FMH, AC5Z, KJ5ET, KI5TRX, AE5SK, KI5UTO, and WM5A.    

Club Program Manager KG5YEE reports that on May 11 the Vicksburg ARC provided communications support for Chillin’ in the Hills, formerly held in January, but moved to May hoping for better weather and more participation.  This 5K run/walk is a fund raiser for Grace Christian Counseling Center in Vicksburg, which is a non-profit service providing professional counseling with fee adjustments. The race wound through downtown Vicksburg and surrounding neighborhoods. Club members that participated were:  KG5OVR, AF5OQ, KC5IBO, K5IMT, N5ZNN, W5VMS, N5JGK, KC5VTN, W5WAF, KG5YEE, and KI5RMN.  

Attached for your information below is the current status (updated from last month) of known upcoming Ham events in and around Mississippi:

  • MS State POTA, May 18, see, POC: WF5W
  • EMCOMM Checkin on 3862, 6:00 PM, June 6 (1st Thursday Each Month)
  • ARRL Field Day, June 22-23, see for rules.
  • SET, August 10, POC: KC5IMN
  • ARRL Day in the Park – planning in progress

In EC Reports from around the State …

DEC/EC KD4VVZ reports that a Gulf Coast District 9 ARES Meeting was held Saturday, April 27th.  The meeting began at 9am and concluded at 1pm, yes four hours. Each one in attendance was very enthusiastic, positive, and engaged during the meeting with several constructive questions and input. General was excited to see not only Hams in attendance but also representatives ranging from the local EMA to governmental positions within MEMA, and to hear their insight on Amateur Radio integration with MEMA. In attendance, five counties were represented by local ARES teams, two MEMA representatives, and two EMA representatives for a total of 18 in attendance.  

General also notes that DMR Training Classes will continue into the month of June 2024

From Hinds County EC KG5SQZ advises that in Jackson on March 23, Central MS ARES members met at Davis Road Park in Byram to continue the monthly practice of setting up portable operations and testing equipment utilizing vertical, NVIS, and End Fed Half Wave antennas. Further, on March 26 CMSARES members were invited to join first responders for a
Storm Spotter class presented by the National Weather Service Jackson office and hosted by the Rankin County Emergency Operations Center.

Maury also reports that on April 3-4 CMSARES participated in the MS Emergency Communications and Technology Summit in Flowood. ASM K0UPW manned the information table.

From Lauderdale County, EC KB5SZJ reports that on May 4th the Meridian ARC was invited to set up and display the basics of Ham Radio in the community in a booth at the Collinsville Day Event. They had a one table set up at the booth for making contacts on HF and also had others making contacts from both mobile and with handhelds on simplex and repeater operations.  Further, ARRL informational handouts were available and were provided to visitors to the booth.

From EC WX5RJ in Harrison County, Bob advises that ARES continued training and improvement for digital operation both FM and HF and for preparing for remote operations with new equipment. Further ARES participated in the Coastal SET Hurricane Pam exercise in preparation for upcoming Storm Season.  The team has been working on Go Kits and prepping for Field Day 2024

EC NI5I met with the new Perry County EMA Director and invited him to the District 9 Regional Meeting. Also discussed his needs for the county.

April 20, 2024, DeSoto County EC KF5WVJ accompanied by KG5TTU, KI5HWA, K9DSS set up their comm trailer for a day of Public Relations at Hernando Square for the Earth Day Celebration. They met and spoke with numerous Desoto County residents and County Supervisors about our function as ARES/ RACES Members and Ham Radio. They had a really large crowd again this year in spite of the early storms and showers.

DEC/EC W5VMS took members of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Vicksburg Composite Squadron to Willow Beach Recreation Area near Little Rock to observe the solar eclipse and participate in the National CAP Solar Eclipse Mission. Further, Scott attended the fifth and sixth planning meetings for Chillin’ in the Hills (Grace Christian Counseling Center) to provide emergency communications augmentation with members of the Vicksburg ARC.  The Vicksburg ARC, in coordination with NWS in Jackson conducted SkyWarn Training for its members and the general community. 

Welcome to the following new Amateurs in Mississippi in April: AI5QD, Mac – Starkville; KJ5FOS, Harold – Carriere; KJ5FUM, Randall – Booneville; KJ5FUN, Keith – Lucedale; KJ5FVP; Ronald – Booneville; KJ5FWO, Chad – Diamondhead; KJ5FXC, John – Southaven; KJ5GAP, Walter – Magee; KJ5GBD, Anthony – Soso; and KI5GBT, John – Laurel.

Keep up the good work Elmers and VE Teams!

Welcome to the following new ARRL members in April 2024: KJ5EAT, Kenneth- Clinton; WB5HJX, Mike – Oxford; KD5UBE, Christpher – Jackson.

ARRL Membership in Mississippi was 949 as of May 1. Down 13 from last month.

Welcome to new AECs in Harrison County: KI5OWU, KI5CGG, KM4LRH, and KR1MRG.

Congratulations to the following on their upgrades in April:  K5ARQ, James – Byhalia;    K5BGS, J.B.- Hernando; N5BMH, Bryan – Tylertown; W5CDG, Clifton – Grenada;      KJ5CDS, Clyde – Hamilton; K5DBZ, Ross – Long Beach; N5DOT, Randall – Picayune; KJ5DXH, Shawn – Poplarville; KJ5ENG, William – Corinth; KJ5FDL, Edward – Brandon; KD5FDW, Sherrell – Burnsville; N5JWZ, Daniel – Parchman; N5KSS, Joseph – Biloxi; KF5NSL, Stanley – Saucier.

SEC/DEC Reports for April 2024: KC5IMN (SEC), KD4VVZ (Gulf Coast), W5VMS (West Central MS), and KF5WVJ (NW MS).

EC Reports for April:  K5DSC (Newton), AE5FK (Walthall), NI5I (Perry), N5MIS (Pontotoc), KI5OVS (Leake), WX5RJ (Harrison), KG5SQZ (Hinds), KB5SZJ (Lauderdale),            KC5VCB (AEC) (Stone), W5VMS (Warren/Claiborne), KD4VVZ (George),                   KF5WVJ (DeSoto), and AB6Z (Pearl River). 

Club Newsletters (Editor): the Meridian ARC Spark Gap (W5MAV) and the Mississippi Coast ARA Splatter (N5OCT).

Regret to report the passing of:

N5WI of McHenry.  Cliff was a retired Navy Seebee having been deployed in Vietnam, Guam, Trinidad, and several stateside assignments.  After retirement he was the Assistant Director of the Port of Gulfport. Cliff was an active DXer reaching the ARRL DXCC Honor Roll and a longtime member of the Magnolia DXA.

HF Net Reports – sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)

Magnolia Section Net 30/1189/13 (W5JGW) Tnx, Jeff !

MS Baptist Hams Net 2/6/0 (WF5F) Sunday, 7263 at 4PM

MSPN 30/2754/22 (W5JGW)

Pine Belt ARC 10M Net 4/32/0 (K5TLL)

VHF Net Reports – sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)

Capital Area Em Net 4/47/0 (K5XU)

Central Mississippi ARES Training Net 10/203/0 (KQ5SQZ)

DeSoto County Training and Information 5/98/0 (KF5WVJ) One Skywarn Net

George County ARES 4/46/0 (KD4VVZ)   

Harrison County ARES 2/18/3 (WX5RJ) Two Skywarn Nets

Jackson ARC Net 4/38/0 (K5XU)

Lowndes County ARC 4/47/0 (K5TCO) 

Mississippi Coast ARA 5/132/0 (W5JGW)

Meridian ARC EM Net 5/33/0 (KB5SZJ) One Skywarn Net

Northeast Mississippi Skywarn 5/59/0 (W5BAQ)

Pearl River County ARES 4/48/0 (AB6Z)

Pine Belt ARC 2M Net 4/57/0 (K5TLL)

Pine Belt ARC 2M Simplex Net 1/4/0 (K5TLL)

Pontotoc ARES Skywarn WX Net 4/43/0 (N5MIS) 

Stone County ARES 2/30/0 (KC5VCB) One Skywarn Net

Vicksburg ARC/MLEN 5/97/0 (KG5YEE) One Emergency Net 

Walthall County ARES Net 4/57/1 (AE5FK)

Digital Net Reports

East MS EMCOMM Net 30/266/200 (K5TCO)

MS WinLink Net QNI 90 (K5FIT)

Traffic: WV5Q 49, AE5MI 26, and W5XX 2

PSHR: WV5Q 109 and W5XX 76     

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