Section Reports

Current Section Report (January 2024)

SM: Malcolm Keown, W5XX. Section Website at Webmaster: W5UE, ASM: KB5HC, KA5ICO, KF8PD, K0UPW, W4WLF, KB5YEE, AG5Z, ACC: W5VMS, PIC: K5RFL, SEC: KC5IMN, ASEC: AA1NA, W5DIX; SGL: AK5J; STM: WV5Q, TC: N5JGK.

From Hamfest Chairman AK5J: The 2024 Capital City Hamfest and Mississippi ARRL Convention was held on February 2 and 3 at the new Trade Mart Building on the State Fairgrounds sponsored by the Jackson ARC.  Hams from the Central Mississippi ARA. the Vicksburg ARC, and the Scott County ARC assisted with the event. More than 150 tables were reserved for vendors and flea market and a crowd of more than 750 attended the Hamfest.

Representatives from the ARRL were K5UZ, Director, Delta Division, WB4RHQ, Vice Director, Delta Division, and W5XX, Mississippi Section Manager. 

AE5SK was in charge of the VE test session which resulted in two new Technicians, five either new or upgrades to General, and two upgrades to Extra.   

Several informative Forums were presented including Get Smart at the Public Library with Amateur Radio by K4FMH, Civil Air Patrol Capabilities by W5VMS, ARES by KC5IMN, ARRL by K5UZ, WB4RHQ and W5XX, RACES by K5FIT, and the Mississippi Section Nets by W5JGW and KA5ICO.

In other info the Grand Prize was won by AA5SH of Denham Springs, La. K5XU appeared on WLBT-TV in Jackson and did an excellent job talking about the Hamfest and Ham Radio in general.

Hams who participated in the setup or worked at the Hamfest included the following:  K5XU, K5KKD, K5TDD, W5JDX AE5SK, AK5J, K5MPM, W5XX, KC5TGT, W5TWZ, K4FMH, AC5Z, K5RWB, KD5NHJ, K1JHS, KD5SBP, N5TQF, KC5LK, WM5A, KG5ZDZ, K1REZ, KJ5ET, KI5URY, W5VMS, W5SSJ, N5WDG, W5JDX  N5KLT, and KI5TOL.  It takes a lot of manpower and work to make a major event like this happen.  Give these folks a pat on the back when you see them!

It’s not too early to make plans for the 2024 MQSP on April 6-7.  Mississippi has a multitude of rare counties that the County Hunters are looking for and now with 10 and 15 open plenty of folks will be looking for QSOs to finish up their 5BWAS.  If you are planning a mobile or portable operation and want to know what counties are “rare” contact W5XX for info.

For those of you the like to keep up with statistics in 2023 we had 119 new Hams in Mississippi and 120 upgrades. That’s good.  More upgrades than new Hams! We are keeping new Hams moving up. Over the past 13 years of record, we have had 2022 new Hams and 1047 upgrades for an average of 156 Hams per year and 81 upgrades per year.

VOTA 2023 is now history.  Some 250+ Mississippi Station made contacts and uploaded them to LOTW. The top ten in Mississippi were K5TLL, W5XX, N5YT, WQ5L. N4OGW, WD5CCA, AH6SU, AE5MI, KD5BS, and K9DSS.

WG5GK reports that the Jackson County ARA operated Winter Field Day from the QTH of N5OYL using the Club’s N5OS Call. Although 2.5 inches of rain almost caused a Mudfest, over 300 contacts were made. Those participating included AE5MU, WF5W, WG5GK, W5DDX, N5MES, N5OYL, KG5VXY and, W5LPZ.

From Net Manager K5DDT in Columbus:  What started out as a seasoned amateur radio operator teaching other operators digital modes evolved into the creation of the East Mississippi Emergency Comms Team (EMECT). This group has explored the digital world of FLDIGI, Winlink, Net40 and JS8Call learning the strengths and weaknesses of each application. In addition to learning the digital modes, this group receives a daily dose of RRI training messages to promote the generating and passing of radiogram traffic. Their daily traffic includes local weather reports, solar reports, RRI training, and the net log. Other traffic passed may include upcoming events, Net Control schedule, stories, or news articles.  

Since its conception on September 21, 2023, EMECT has activated a daily net, held an EMCOMM exercise, and hosted a presentation. The FLDIGI net is held daily at 0700 Central time using the mode Thor22 with RSID on and 1500 on the waterfall. On January 6, 2024, EMECT held an EMCOMM Exercise with a massive ice storm scenario in East Mississippi. This exercise resulted in the passing of health and welfare traffic to an amateur operator outside the affected area, status traffic to a local Emergency Management Office, and status reports to an amateur acting as MEMA. Upon completion, participating amateurs gave their insightful input for an After-Action Report. On January 11, 2024, a demonstration on FLDIGI was given to the Magnolia ARC, by an EMECT member at the Starkville EOC. For more information, please contact John, K5DDT at 662-549-5099 or K5DDT@ARRL.NET

Project Chairman KG5YEE reports that the first ‘Laces for Love 5K/10K Race’ was held in Vicksburg and sponsored as a fundraiser for the Vicksburg Junior Auxiliary.  The Vicksburg Amateur Radio Club services were requested to help.  The participants wound through streets of downtown Vicksburg and into a neighboring subdivision. About 150 registered for the event, but since it was pouring down rain, less half showed up to race. Club members assisted with radio communications and included:  KG5OVR, KG5YEE, N5JGK, KC5IBO, AF5OQ, N5ZNN, K5IMT, W5WAF, K5VXV, and W5SFL.

From K1REZ in Pelahatchie: On January 17 the Mississippi 10 Meter Society received official approval from 10-10 International to become the Mississippi Chapter of 10-10 International. The Mississippi 10-10 Net meets on Wednesdays at 10:00 am local time on 28.410 SSB. All amateur radio operators with Technician Class or higher privileges are welcome to participate. An evening net is also being planned, as well as a certificate program. K1REZ is serving as the Chapter Head, K5CBS as the Certificate Program Manager, and K5KAH as Net Control Station. Charter members are: K1REZ, W5JMJ, K5XU, N5KAH, W2NNU, AD5DO, K5CBS, N5MZ, K0UPW, W5XX, W8DM, NA5DX, W5ACS, K5CUB.

Welcome to the following 2024 Club Officers:

599 DXA: Pres – K2FF, S/T – W5UE
Alcorn ARES: Pres – KI5PCF, VP – W5OA, S/T – K5RBF
Chickasaw ARA: Pres – KF8PD, VP – KF5WVJ, Sec – KE5OPL, Trea – KD4PJN
George County ARES: Pres – KD4VVZ, VP – KG5AZM, Sec – KG5AZL, Trea – KO5F.
Harrison County ARES: Pres – WX5RJ, VP – KF5BA, Sec – KI5OWU, Trea – AE5MI
Jackson ARC: Pres – AK5J, VP – K5KKD, Sec – K5XU, Trea – W5MPM
Jackson County ARC: Pres – N5MES, VP – N2PKW, Sec – W5SMN, Trea – WF5W
Meridian ARC: Pres – KB5SZJ, VP – KI5HCM, Sec – KD5GWM, Trea – KG5IAX
MDXA: Pres – WG5GK, VP – W5XMD, S/T – NA5DX
MS State ARC: Pres – KG5XR, VP – K4MAG, Sec – K4MTH
Olive Branch ARC: Pres – KI5UTQ, VP – WA4CB, Sec – KI5TKL, Trea – KF5OIM
Univ of MS ARC: Pres – KI5WMN, VP – AG4RO, Sec – W1IBL, Trea – WB5VYH
Vicksburg ARC: Pres – AF5OQ, VP – K4FMH, S/T – KG5OVR

(W5XX did not hear from email messages to other clubs. Update next month.)

Let’s get behind these folks and have a good club year

Attached for your information below is the current status (updated from last month) of known upcoming Ham events in and around Mississippi:

  • EMCOMM Checkin on 3862, 5:30 PM, March 7 (1st Thursday Each Month)
  • 2024 Mississippi QSO Party. April 6-7, POC: W5XX, see
  • ARRL Field Day, June 28-29, see for rules.
  • SET, August TBD, POC: KC5IMN
  • ARRL Day in the Park, TBD, at Historic Vicksburg Airport

In EC Reports from around the State …

From KB5SZJ in Lauderdale County: Good turnout at the state level ARES meeting in Jackson. My two newest members were impressed with what all we do. I hope we continue building and training and growing.

From WJ5ES in Adams County: Just beginning the process of interfacing with county officials; more to come.

From AG5ND in Oktibbeha County:  ARES members worked on FEMA IC-100 and IS-700 in January.  Five have completed IC-100, and several have completed IS-700. We are now moving on to the ARRL EC-001.

From AA5SG in Jones County: The SCARES Net moved to the 147.135+ repeater.

From AB6SZ in Pearl River County: The new GMRS repeater was stood up and donated to PRC Search and Rescue Team.

From W5VMS in Warren County: W5VMS attended a planning meeting for Chillin’ in the Hills (Grace Christian Counseling Center) race planned for May 11, 2024. Intent is to provide emergency communications augmentation with members of the Vicksburg ARC. W5VMS attended the National Emergency Services Academy-Southeast, Maxwell AFB as Operations Support Officer for the Ground Search and Rescue School; then was immediately sick for the next three weeks (no excuses or sick leave for ECs).

From WX5RJ in Harrison County: ARES participated in WFD as an organization and used a solar generator as emergency power with great success. Working towards FM digital ops for 6 county coastal area.

Welcome to the following new Amateurs in Mississippi in January: KJ5DVZ, Travis – Petal; KJ5DWT, Landon – Pass Christian; KJ5DXH, Shawn – Poplarville; KJ5DXT, Landon – Poplarville; KJ5DYB, Sonia – Picayune; KJ5DYJ – Jacob, Oxford;  KJ5DYO, John – Picayune; KJ5DYX, James – Starkville; KJ5DZS, Danny – Water Valley; KJ5EAK, David – Collinsville; KJ5EAL, Shirley – Collinsville; KJ5EAM, Michael – Meridian; KJ5EAT, Kenneth – Clinton; KJ5EAU, Carl – Enterprise; KJ5EDR, James – Hattiesburg.

Keep up the good work Elmers and VE Teams!

Welcome to the following new ARRL members in January 2024: KI5CGG, Christopher – DIberville; KC5CTP, Stephanie – Vicksburg, KJ5DQG, Gerald – Vicksburg.

ARRL Membership in Mississippi was 990 as of January 1. No change from last month.

Welcome to WV5Q as STM, AE5MI as ORS, KG5RRF as AEC for Carroll County.

Congratulations to the following on their upgrades in January: KJ5BIP, Aaron – Florence; K5DNF, Donald – Oxford; KJ5DZS, Danny – Water Valley; KI5WGE, Patricia – Picayune; KI5YYX, Robert – Vicksburg.

SEC/DEC Reports for January 2024: KC5IMN (SEC), KD4VVZ (Gulf Coast), W5VMS (West Central MS), AG5ND (Golden Triangle), and KF5WVJ (NW MS).

EC Reports for January:  K5DSC (Newton), WJ5ES (Adams), AE5FK (Walthall), NI5I (Perry), KA5ICO (Chickasaw), N5MIS (Pontotoc), AG5ND (Oktibbeha),WX5RJ (Harrison), KI5SAG (Winston), AA5SG (Jones), KG5SQZ (Hinds), KB5SZJ (Lauderdale), W5VMS (Warren/Claiborne), KD4VVZ (George), KF5WVJ (DeSoto), and AB6Z (Pearl River). 

Club Newsletters (Editor): the Meridian ARC Spark Gap (W5MAV) and the Mississippi Coast ARA Splatter (N5OCT).

Regret to report the passing of:

K5FA of Leland (formerly K5AEU). Fred graduated from Notre Dame and then came back to Leland to operate the family furniture store for many years, On the balcony surrounding the showroom floor Fred had an extensive collection of vintage Ham equipment.  Probably the best Ham Museum for many miles around.  Fred was a great CW op and will be missed in the pileups.

KD5JAQ of Natchez. Joy was the XYL of K5SVC and in addition to her Ham Radio activities was an avid gardener and animal activist.

HF Net Reports – sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)

Magnolia Section Net 31/1365/6 (KA5ICO)

MS Baptist Hams Net 4/20/0 (WF5F) Sunday, 7263 at 4PM

MSPN 31/3024/17 (W5JGW) (WOW! First time over 3000)

Pine Belt ARC 10M Net 4/33/0 (K5TLL)

VHF Net Reports – sessions/QNI/QTC (Net Manager)

Adams County ARES 4/66/0 (WJ5ES)

Capital Area Em Net 4/47/0 (K5XU)

Central Mississippi ARES Training Net 8/181/1 (KQ5SQZ)

Calhoun/Chickasaw ARES Net 5/43/0 (KA5ICO)

DeSoto County Training and Information 5/73/0 (KF5WVJ)

George County ARES 5/72/0 (KD4VVZ)   

Harrison County ARES 1/11/0 (WX5RJ) 1 EMCOMM Operation; 2 Skywarn Nets

Jackson ARC Net 5/65/0 (K5XU)

Jones County ARES 7/50/0 (AA5SG) 3 Skywarn Nets

Lowndes County ARC 5/59/0 (K5TCO) 

Mississippi Coast ARA 5/119/0 (W5JGW)

Meridian ARC EM Net 5/32/0 (KB5SZJ) 1 EMCOMM Operation

Northeast Mississippi Skywarn 5/48/0 (W5BAQ)

Pearl River County ARES 4/51/0 (AB6Z) 1 Skywarn Net 1 EMCOMM Operation

Pine Belt ARC 2M Net 4/58/0 (K5TLL)

Pine Belt ARC 2M Simplex Net 1/10/0 (K5TLL)

Pontotoc ARES Skywarn WX Net 4/27/2 (N5MIS) 

Vicksburg ARC/MLEN 4/76/0 (KG5YEE) 

Walthall County ARES Net 4/43/0 (AE5FK)

W5YD ARES Net 4/14/0 (AG5ND)

Digital Net Reports

Central Mississippi ARES Digital Net 3/25/23 (KI5JCL)

   (1 VHF net and 2 HF nets)

East MS EMCOMM Net 30/185/65 (K5DDT)

Traffic: WV5Q 86, and W5XX 4

PSHR: WV5Q 146 and W5XX 72     

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